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Caution Scam !


Mail impersonating the name of Salon d'Automne.   Scammer with the logo International Fairs Directory based in Uruguay or Mexico are cheating artists with a mail taking the identity of the Salon d'Automne. DO [...]

Caution Scam !2019-05-15T13:19:45+02:00

Salon d’Automne 2018’s Catalogue


You visited the Salon and you want to keep a souvenir or you missed the exhibition and you want to discover the works presented. Get the Salon d'Automne 2018's catalogue at [...]

Salon d’Automne 2018’s Catalogue2019-01-22T14:41:23+02:00

New Salon d’Automne’s book


This great book lists each exhibitors from the origin to today, each archived poster and catalog cover is printed with some information about the author. This book is produced with the [...]

New Salon d’Automne’s book2018-03-08T10:35:56+02:00

Happy new year 2018


The Board of the Salon d'Automne send you the best wishes for the year 2018 that begins. As you know, the Salon d'Automne took part last December, with great success, in [...]

Happy new year 20182018-01-15T17:30:51+02:00

A Tribute to Michel Henry (1928-2016)


Born in 1928, Michel Henry, French painter and member of the Salon d'Automne, was known for his compositions of still lives, bouquets of flowers and landscapes. At his arrival to the [...]

A Tribute to Michel Henry (1928-2016)2017-08-23T16:43:20+02:00

A Tribute to André Vignoles


It saddens us to announce the death of our member and friend, André Vignoles, died on July 15 2017. Faithful member of the Salon d’Automne since 1948, he served it with [...]

A Tribute to André Vignoles2017-08-22T12:12:27+02:00

A Tribute to Mireille Juteau (1931-2017)


It saddens us to announce the death of Mireille Juteau, stained-glass artist and member of our board of directors, died on March 17 2017. She was also the President of the [...]

A Tribute to Mireille Juteau (1931-2017)2017-08-23T15:51:42+02:00

Salon d’Automne board members 2017


As a result of the general annual assembly, that took place on April 20, the Board has been renewed by the favourable vote of the members. Have been appointed new section [...]

Salon d’Automne board members 20172017-07-10T16:32:02+02:00