The Salon d’Automne, international showcase for contemporary creation

Since its first production in 1903, the Salon d’Automne has steadily welcomed foreign delegations while frequently bringing its art to other European countries and, after 1970, Japanese audiences. As of 2004, efforts have been intensified to introduce the Salon to foreign capitals, such as Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, where its artists have exhibited since 2005.

After playing a prominent role in Cairo’s biennial art and literature exhibition in 2008, the Salon d’Automne has built new bridges with the art community in the Near and Middle East. A selection of French artists participated in an exhibition in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, in April 2010, and another group showed its work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in May 2010. These ties forged with neighbors across the Mediterranean led to the creation of a special section at the Salon d’Automne for visual artists from the Arab world. Artists from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, working in all disciplines, enrich our annual show in Paris. It is important to note that a catalog is produced for every Salon d’Automne exhibition abroad, attesting to the value placed on dialogue between artists from different backgrounds, a dialogue that respects individual cultures.  But the boundaries of our community of artists continue to expand: following the grand celebration planned in Moscow in December 2010 (an event endorsed by CultureFrances), the Salon d’Automne is heading to North America for the first time in its history, to Indianapolis in July and August 2011!  Clearly, its original work ethic based on the “brotherhood of the arts and artists” is still alive and well and destined for a bright future.

Noël Coret
Chairman of the Salon d’Automne,
Art writer