Thanks to his daughter Isabelle Franquin, it is a great honor that Salon d’Automne will exhibit some original drawings from Franquin’s comics Dark Toughts (Les Idées Noires), its guest of honor of this year.

André Franquin is a well-known Belgian cartoonist, born in 1924 in Bruxelles and dead in 1997 in France (Saint-Laurent-du-Var). He is the creator of the popular comic-book characters that everyone knows since childhood : Spirou and Fantasio, Modeste and Pompon, Marsupilami, and of course, the famous Gaston Lagaffe. Franquin also uses his black humor in his comic-book entitled Dark Thoughts (Les Idées Noires), created in 1977. Depression, hunt, military, religion, industry, bullfighting… All of these topics are rather polemical, but Franquin finds pleasure in drawing them with lively strokes.

« There is no direct link with my own depression because I don’t make sad stories which take themselves too seriously. My « dark thoughts » are real fun, and nothing else but fun ! »