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Déambulation aléatoire parmi les œuvres du Salon 2022

Environnemental art

While our hopes to see the 2020 Autumn Exhibition were receding after a strange year, we still thought, last October, that we could express
our freedom of speech, our hopes! The 2022 Autumn Exhibition in Paris, a variety of modes of expression, talented artists and yet the art binding men is roughly treated.
Art as a refuge for freedom, art without boundaries, the doves by Georges Braque, by Henri Matisse, Guernica by Pablo Picasso could have escaped from history books and could have meant in our subconcious: ”plus jamais ça, bien sûr”, a common phrase.
How can we imagine history coming round again and again?
How can we be creative in a place where yellow and blue are forbidden? I now re-write or paraphrase my text.

The 2022 Autumn Exhibition in Paris,
an attractive exhibition by talented artists, an Environmental Art Department right in the middle of nature that experiment, explore, enlighten, manipulate using all techniques, all emotions which inspire us towards divers paths such as landart, renewable art, performances, installations, sculptures or the design of craft work.
The 2022 Autumn Exhibition in Paris, a place to meet others, a place to pass through, a place to confront and exchange ideas which is an absolute necessity for artists and enthousiasts. A fusion of creative energy.

Head of the ENVIRONMENTAL ART section


Figurative art is the representation of what is observable in reality, may it be a portrait, an urban or natural landscape or a still life. However, it doesn’t constrain art to an imitation of reality.
On the contrary, artists always explore further to express their own perception of reality, introducing their lived experience in their artworks and trying to transmit, more than a simple visual stimuli, a whole range of sensations, sounds, tastes and smells.

By the observation and perception of reality, the figurative artiste can submit this subjectivity to reality, shaping thereby a new world –a revolt reconstituting a unique and intimate representation of a perception in a chaotic world. The painter Li Rihua (XVIth century) said about Huang Gongwang: “It is because of this immersion in the landscape that his art of the brush possesses such a power of magic and metamorphosis, power that makes him rival with Creation itself.”

Translated by Gabriel Barnagaud

Myths and singularity

Myths & singularity, for its 7th consecutive year, still presents its less standard, less academic artistic universe, where instinctive sincerity expresses itself through non-conventional techniques and materials. As Dubuffet said, “Every artist has the task to develop their techniques”. This quote is well illustrated in this space of singular art: murals with sewn or welded metal pieces, sculpted fabrics, wicker, rope knots, vines, various collages, but also sculptures of assembled objects or wood-weaving, kinetic ceramics, or reusing fish bowels... And of course, a festival of painting and colour techniques...

Most of the artworks, coming from all over the world, use invented and original techniques, far from academic norms. Unique and unusual artworks for personal myths, that will “wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life” (Picasso).

President of the Myths et Singularity section


“I could very precisely see a mosque instead of a factory, a drum corps of angels, horse carts on the highways of the sky, a drawing room at the bottom of a lake; monsters and mysteries.” (A. Rimbaud)

“The Earth is blue like an orange” (P. Claudel).

Then, whilst Dalí’s dog sleeps under the sea, it would suffice just to lift the sheet of water a bit to see him.
In his Surrealist Manifesto of 1924, André Breton signifies that this lies on the belief of a superior reality of certain unprecedented forms of associations, on the absolute power of dreams, on the disinterested games of thought.
The “Émergences” Section 2022, it is Orpheus that parts the mists to reach the secret.

President of the EMERGENCES section



It would be scandalous to allow the continuation of ideas where abstraction is considered hogwash, a form of artistic expression reserved for intellectual elites, the only ones with appropriate cultural baggage capable of “understanding” something.
Every artistic approach is shared. Without interaction, an artwork has no existence, or at least, it becomes lifeless. But this interaction, only real way to “understand”, can’t exclusively be analytic. It first has to be instinctive and sensorial. However great our knowledge or our capacity to reason is, we will never be able to apprehend Art uniquely in a Cartesian manner: similarly, we can’t understand the soul by dissecting bodies.
Of course, a factual analysis shouldn’t be proscribed, and it isn’t any less interesting to learn about techniques, composition, or the context that saw the creation of artwork. It is by opening the mind, through contemplation and an emotional journey, that a real approach can be made.
Abstraction isn’t only the feat of the artist: in its turn, the public has to disregard their baggage, their preconceived ideas or even their direct surroundings, to become the blank canvas where will be applied emotions, tragic or joyous, gentle or violent, proposed by the artist, and attain a form of comprehension that is purely personal, unique, intimate and consequentially the just interpretation.

President of the Abstraction section


In the same way that the Salon d’Automne imposes itself as a promoter of multidisciplinarity in arts, the photo section – for the first time directed by Anne Roulant and Gilles Guillaume (Anne & Gilles)– offers for this 119th edition multiple artistic approaches: 58 artists will present their recent artworks. The great diversity of techniques and artistic tendencies are the wealth of this section: digital photography is overtaking in quantity, whilst analogue affirms itself with some major pieces.

Coloured or black and white, landscapes or portraits, close-ups or aerial views, on the spot or composed, instantaneous or staged, fixed or in movement, graphic or plastic, every proposition has its place in this section. Artworks of loyal members, like Guy Foulon, (present at the Salon d’Automne for twenty years) coexist with those of artists new to the Salon, some of which are under 30 years of age.

Photography, in its multiple representations, allows realism, abstraction, surrealism, and oneirism... and thus affirms itself in a perpetual movement, always a poetic witness of its time.

Présidents of the Photography section

Artists' books

Next to the colourful lanes, space is different.
The silence of words calls ant it is the restraint of the eyes which decides for touching, opening, reading and unwinding in living poetry, exchange, and sharing.

President of the Artists’ Books section

Figures and experiences

Since its creation, the Salon d’Automne has welcomed artists from the entire world. This year, we are proud to support and exhibit Ukrainian artists in the “Figures et Essais” section.

Art is the silent expression of the past, of daily lives, or even of hopes and aspirations...

Silent expression of its time, sometimes whispering, speaking, sometimes screaming, bellowing, or even with gentleness, inspired by the palette of our colourful emotions.

A multitude of expressions beating in unison.

President of the Figures & Essais section

Drawing - water painting

For 119 years, the Salon d’Automne has been a living salon, listening to its artists, listening to its visitors. It is in this spirit of discovery and renewal, that this new edition widens the artistic scope of the Drawing section by adding Water painting, opening doors to this medium that has too often been secretive.
Once again, artworks done with ink and watercolour are next to pieces done with graphite pencils, black chalk, lead pencils, sanguine, pastel, charcoal, and numerous other mixed techniques specific to the art of drawing.

Beyond the diversity of techniques and their combinations, beyond the multiplicity of methods, it is the richness of the exploration field and of the variety of artworks that will mark this 2022 selection!

Even if drawing preceded writing, and is one of the most ancient human means of expression, it remains a centrepiece of contemporary art.



Expressing emotions is peculiar to Expressionism. This current appeared at the beginning of the XXth century in Germany and it has not stopped evolving.

Concerning Expressionists, reality is shown freely in gestures, colours. They indicate their subjectivity in their creation, they illustrate their own state of mind.
They will send a feeling of anguish, describe a face, an expression, they will use symbols, représentations, in a dance that will be specific to their universe and to what they want to tell.

Expressionism describes the world and its failings. It is an attitude, a state of mind, a way to reach the spectator who gets concerned. The artists in this department carry on with this current.
Either spiritual, humanistic, figurative or abstract, their works, in an emotional style, show a strong interiority through shades, outlines, effects and dynamic compositions. They express their freedom in total subjectivity.
Their iconography may be provocative or more soothed, however, it always affects people who feel concerned, creating a striking interaction with the public.

President of the Expressionism section


Sculpture has existed among every populations since prehistory. At the start, we think that they represented forms of religion; they now show living animated bodies. Sculpture is situated between architecture, by the research of volume, and painting, by the coloured interpretation.
This year, we propose a wide range of artworks, from the biggest (3 m) to the smallest (20 cm). They were also made from very different materials: rock, wood, resin, bronze, etc.

Come discover sculptures that can metamorphose your living environment!

President of the Sculpture Section

Digital art

“Live simply so that others can simply live.”

Seven years...

Seven years already, presenting and reaching new summits at the Salon d’Automne with all forms of digital art... A life cycle where dozens of artists succeeded each other, showing us more phantasmagoric artworks, performances, creations rewarded with awards, with numerous prestigious prizes each year...

Pages filled by the avant-garde, with the passing of time, for a real chapter of the institution, and in consequence, of art history: an honour.

Thank you all, international artists, for your trust, your investment, your presence, your artworks, that built and elevated digital art
to its peak. Together, we made it one of the most admired sections in the world...

May that 119th edition be a new delight for everyone!

Photographer, author
Président of the Digital & Video Art section


Engraving often has to justify its place among other artistic disciplines, even though it is an endless source of creativity.

Probably due to its complex nature.

The artwork first needs the elaboration of a printing plate, created with appropriate tools (drypoint, chisels, cutters ...) or with the use of varnish, aquatint or acid bite.

Metal, wood, or other materials are used as supports and will, once inked, print a mark on the paper.

Engraving responds to precise rules that are the foundations of its originality.

Technical mastery and diversity of expressions are found among the engravers of the engraving section of the Salon d’Automne.

President of the Engraving section
Translated by Gabriel Barnagaud

Pop illustration

From the spirit of pop art to that of illustration, this new section allows for promoting at the Salon d’Automne multiple forms of artistic expressions, too long estranged from dominant currents of art history.

Anti-conformist approaches, bright colours, an asserted sense of humour, subversion of themes, depictions close to comics, so many specificities that characterise these works of diverse trends, regrouped for the first time in 2022 under the “Pop illustration” section. However, there is an important specificity: only original works are presented. Even though the inspiration sources are diverse and the themes multiple, the employed techniques remain essentially classical; these artworks are rightly at their place at the Salon d’Automne.

Translated by Gabriel Barnagaud

Synthese - emotion

Artist: “who has the sense of beauty and is capable of creating a work of art” (Larousse, transl).

In Le parfum des fleurs de la nuit, Leila Slimani quotes Tchekhov: “Where there is Art, there is no old age, no solitude, no illness and even death is only half of itself”...

At the Salon d’Automne, artists meet and discover each other, consolidating links indispensable in their lives of creation.

What is the link between the artists of the “Synthèse Emotion” section? A synthesis of different poetic and sensitive currents represented at the Salon d’Automne, maybe a balance between force and fragility, between pride and humility, above the question of figurative or non-figurative, a desperate search for what moves us.

To juxtapose artists in appearance as contrasting as Alexandre Vallette and Jo Carillo, Marie Line Greffard and Misha, Christine Lacour and Anne Roulant, is harmonizing and making artworks dialogue in a rhythmic and musical hanging, where calm and accents alternate.

Thank you to all for your loyalty, those from far and near, coming from China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Slovakia, Switzerland, the USA...

President of the Synthèse-Emotion section

Art naïf

After a remarkable premiere last year, the Naive Art section continues its journey with as much innocent freshness as gentle gravity.
This year, some thirty works painted or embroidered by French, Serbian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Swedish or Danish artists occupy the walls. They capture our nostalgia, our present, and speak to us in a universal language about the lives of women and men in their simple daily lives. They defend an animal world, a nature in danger. Borrowing from the imagery of childhood, they also make it possible to say the unspeakable or to reveal what we cannot see.

You have to look closely at these creations to see, in their sometimes tiny composition, the sequences of a film whose scenario refers to events that took place in the conscious or unconscious life of each artist.
May these messages of hope, peace and freedom carried by all these works, necessarily sublime, influence and reason our warlike world.

President of the Naive Art section


The Salon d’Automne, since its creation in 1903, always managed to conserve its legitimacy and its independence, supported vigorously by its artists. It preaches with fervour “diversity and fraternity of the arts”. It widens the artistic field of view, opening doors to all forms of expression. It’s the privileged showcase of federating artistic currents of the XXIst century, where contemporary artists express themselves during the annual exhibit.

The Convergence section is very eclectic with the presence of painters coming from four continents, expressing a variety of themes guided by different cultures. They express their tendencies in styles liberated from any petty constraints and ethics, may they be figurative or abstract.

Every artist exhibiting in the Convergences section propose their inspirations, their emotions, their feelings, their brilliance, and theirconscious and unconscious forces to form a “big family of the Salon d’Automne”, more alive than ever.

Président of the Convergences section
Translated by Gabriel Barnagaud


Architecture is a demanding discipline that needs order, reason and method, but also a strong dose of creativity and inventiveness.

It’s this double aspect that springs once again this year with the selection of diverse teams whose production reveals two facets of the noble practice that is the art of building.

Relevance of the responses to the programs and expressiveness meet with joy through projects where materials, forms and colours are combined in compositions that expand themselves in different urban contexts, making similarities and singularities of each work stand out.

President of the Architecture section
Translated by Gabriel Barnagaud



Relier les gens, les comprendre, c’est ce qui importe le plus aujourd’hui. L’invasion de l’Ukraine nous a profondément attristés : on ne produit rien avec la guerre. Pour l’éradiquer, on doit réduire toutes les discriminations et différences de fond, mais le monde est mal équilibré.
L’amour et la création sont des moteurs cruciaux pour éliminer cela.
Et l’art possède ce pouvoir. Les œuvres réunissent les hommes, relient les sensibilités. L’art exprime la force de création là où il n’y a ni inégalité ni discrimination. Lorsque la lumière de l’œuvre nous touche, elle éveille notre sensibilité, nous rend heureux et nous plonge dans la beauté et la créativité.

Désormais, la valeur de l’activité créative devient de plus en plus solide, ce qui nécessite de repenser l’essence de l’art, puis de l’exprimer. L’échange sans frontières entre les artistes et entre les œuvres est également fondamental.

Cette année encore, les œuvres réunies au Salon d’Automne témoignent de la passion de chacun des artistes pour l’art et la création, ainsi que leurs promesses fructueuses pour la génération suivante, sans craindre le risque. Nous adressons toutes nos félicitations et exprimons notre sincère gratitude à M. Legrand Denis, président, et à toute l’équipe du Salon d’Automne, qui contribuent grandement au dynamisme de la scène artistique.
Même si d’éventuelles restrictions affectent à nouveau les activités artistiques, ce Salon saura éclairer et encourager le monde en tant
que soutien pour la paix et l’essor de l’art et de la culture.
Cela ne fait aucun doute.


人と人とのつながり、そして理解が最も大切な時だと感じています。 ウクライナ侵攻は、私たちにとってとても悲しいことであり、戦争が生み出すもの は何もありません。戦争をなくすには、背景にある様々な差別や格差を減らすこと が必要ですが、世界はうまくバランスがとれていません

差別や格差をなくすには、愛と創造がもっとも重要なエッセンスです。芸術には その力があります。作品は人と人、感性と感性を結びます。アートは創造の力を表 現します。

芸術に差別や格差はありません。作品の光に触れるとき、人は感性を刺激され、 幸せなことを考え、作品と共に美と創造の中にいます。

今後、創作活動の意義はますます強くなり、芸術の本質を捉え直し表現するこ と、国境を越えた作品やアーティスト同士のつながりはますます重要です。 今年も本展に集結した作品は、危機に屈せず、次世代が豊かであれとの希望を 込めた芸術、アーティストの創作への情熱の証しです。

常にアート界を盛り上げようと尽力されているサロン・ドトーヌ協会の皆さま、そし てルグラン会長へ深く感謝を申し上げると共に、本サロンの開催を心よりお祝い 申し上げます。

今後もアート活動に制約が課されることもあるかもしれませんが、本サロンが光と なり全世界に勇気を与え、芸術文化の発展と平和の礎となると信じております

代表 馬郡 文平

Président du Club des Amis de l’Europe et des Arts
Président de la Japan International Artists Society


The partnership between the Salon d’Automne society in Paris and the association Beaux Arts Découverte, represented by the artist painter Christiane Ruiz-Jancovic, allows 16 young laureates of the 12th Arbuste salon, an art exhibition dedicated to artists under 30, to present their work in allocated spaces at the Salon d’Automne in Paris, thus promoting their artworks by presenting them to a larger public.

This initiative’s goal is to encourage young creators by allowing them to confront their artworks with those of veteran artists.

Présidente de l’association Beaux Arts Découverte
Présidente du Salon Arbustes
Translated by Gabriel Barnagaud


Le Salon d’Automne, Salon d’art historique est né à Paris en 1903 grâce à différents artistes qui souhaitaient sortir de la tradition de l’époque. Depuis, l’association a bien évolué, elle réunit tous les ans un grand nombre d’artistes français et étrangers à Paris. Elle est de notoriété internationale, pluridisciplinaire, elle s’ouvre de plus en plus sur le monde.

Nous sommes fiers de relever le nouveau défi d’ouverture et de création dans le groupe Amplitude et de réunir des réflexions artistiques plus variées :
– amplitude dans la diversification,
– amplitude dans la durée,
– amplitude dans l’optimisme, – amplitude sans frontières.

Amplitude nous propulse dans un monde de beauté et de création, de tradition et d’avant-gardisme. La France a l’honneur de s’associer avec l’Allemagne et la Pologne dans un premier temps, et nous espérons que son rayonnement atteindra d’autres pays et d’autres cultures. La fraternité entre les hommes est ce que nous avons le plus besoin en ces temps perturbés.

Au nom de tous les artistes, et des membres du Salon d’Automne, j’adresse mes remerciements les plus chaleureux à Georg Schnitzler pour l’initiative et pour tout le travail accompli, ainsi qu’à Monsieur
le Professeur Damien Pietrek et à tous ceux qui ont participé de près ou de loin l’élaboration de ce beau projet.

Président de la section Expressionnisme-Expression Libre

Horizon Paris 8e Art

For this edition, a first for our artist collective Horizon Paris 8e Art, we would like to warmly thank Mr. Denis Legrand and the entirety of the Salon d’Automne committee for having validated the candidature of our artists, in order for them to exhibit their art during this prestigious event. It is a great honour for our collective to be partners in this 2022 edition.

Horizon Paris 8e Art is an art collective based in the 8th arrondissement of Paris since 2021, regrouping talented and original contemporary artists. Our activities are characterized in these various points hereinafter: organizing exhibits of our members’ artwork, our activity as an online art gallery and the organisation of artistic workshops (schools, companies, ESAT etc.). Our member artists are rigorously selected during our selection committee that examines candidatures thoroughly.

The objective of Horizon Paris 8e Art is to promote the artworks of its emerging and confirmed artists, but also to find new talents. Being conscious of environmental issues that we are facing, we reinforce relentlessly our engagement in terms of using ecological material. We are also committed to inclusivity and the promotion of art for a larger public.
We wish for the different visitors and guests a beautiful discovery of our artists through these four days at the Salon d’Automne.

President and founder
Artistic director
Artist - Painter - Illustrator
Translated by Gabriel Barnagaud

Abram - Hervio


« Au mois de juin 2022, 10 œuvres monumentales étaient exposées à Bordeaux sur les quais dans le cadre de Bordeaux fête le vin.

Toute l’œuvre d’Abram nous communique alors ce sentiment majeur que, même dans les pires contraintes de l’histoire, dans les pesanteurs Inexplicables de la modernité, ce sont les corps et les esprits, irrémédiablement imbriqués dans leur mission d’être, de croître et de se construire ensemble, qui nous invitent à un ordre d’équilibre supérieur et incontournable.

C’est ainsi, qu’elle soit petite ou grande, que chaque sculpture relève par essence du monumental : ses œuvres portent leur espace comme la musique porte son silence. »

Extrait de la préface au catalogue raisonné ABRAM


C’est après une longue absence au Salon d’Automne que l’ancien trésorier et vice-président propose ses oeuvres en dialogue avec les sculptures d’Abram.

Les propos de Paul Cézanne dans une lettre à son ami Émile Bernard : « plus la couleur s’harmonise, plus le dessin se précise... quand la couleur est à sa richesse, la forme est à sa plénitude », sont le credo d’Hervio.
Quand bien même cette phrase concernait en premier lieu les impressionnistes, elle est universelle et confirmée par Pierre Soulages, qui dit : « La peinture est une organisation de formes et de couleurs sur laquelle viennent se défaire les sens qu’on lui prête. » Voilà vers quoi tend l’abstraction d’Hervio et plus précisément l’abstraction lyrique qui privilégie l’expression personnelle.


Ils nous ont quitté cette année.

ID ARTISTE / Sociétaire