The Salon d’Automne, since its creation in 1903, always managed to conserve its legitimacy and its independence, supported vigorously by its artists. It preaches with fervour “diversity and fraternity of the arts”. It widens the artistic field of view, opening doors to all forms of expression. It’s the privileged showcase of federating artistic currents of the XXIst century, where contemporary artists express themselves during the annual exhibit.

The Convergence section is very eclectic with the presence of painters coming from four continents, expressing a variety of themes guided by different cultures. They express their tendencies in styles liberated from any petty constraints and ethics, may they be figurative or abstract.

Every artist exhibiting in the Convergences section propose their inspirations, their emotions, their feelings, their brilliance, and theirconscious and unconscious forces to form a “big family of the Salon d’Automne”, more alive than ever.

Président of the Convergences section
Translated by Gabriel Barnagaud

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