Drawing - water painting


For 119 years, the Salon d’Automne has been a living salon, listening to its artists, listening to its visitors. It is in this spirit of discovery and renewal, that this new edition widens the artistic scope of the Drawing section by adding Water painting, opening doors to this medium that has too often been secretive.
Once again, artworks done with ink and watercolour are next to pieces done with graphite pencils, black chalk, lead pencils, sanguine, pastel, charcoal, and numerous other mixed techniques specific to the art of drawing.

Beyond the diversity of techniques and their combinations, beyond the multiplicity of methods, it is the richness of the exploration field and of the variety of artworks that will mark this 2022 selection!

Even if drawing preceded writing, and is one of the most ancient human means of expression, it remains a centrepiece of contemporary art.


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