Expressionnism expression libre

Expressing emotions is peculiar to Expressionism. This current appeared at the beginning of the XXth century in Germany and it has not stopped evolving.

Concerning Expressionists, reality is shown freely in gestures, colours. They indicate their subjectivity in their creation, they illustrate their own state of mind.
They will send a feeling of anguish, describe a face, an expression, they will use symbols, représentations, in a dance that will be specific to their universe and to what they want to tell.

Expressionism describes the world and its failings. It is an attitude, a state of mind, a way to reach the spectator who gets concerned. The artists in this department carry on with this current.
Either spiritual, humanistic, figurative or abstract, their works, in an emotional style, show a strong interiority through shades, outlines, effects and dynamic compositions. They express their freedom in total subjectivity.
Their iconography may be provocative or more soothed, however, it always affects people who feel concerned, creating a striking interaction with the public.

President of the Expressionism section

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