Synthese - emotion


Artist: “who has the sense of beauty and is capable of creating a work of art” (Larousse, transl).

In Le parfum des fleurs de la nuit, Leila Slimani quotes Tchekhov: “Where there is Art, there is no old age, no solitude, no illness and even death is only half of itself”...

At the Salon d’Automne, artists meet and discover each other, consolidating links indispensable in their lives of creation.

What is the link between the artists of the “Synthèse Emotion” section? A synthesis of different poetic and sensitive currents represented at the Salon d’Automne, maybe a balance between force and fragility, between pride and humility, above the question of figurative or non-figurative, a desperate search for what moves us.

To juxtapose artists in appearance as contrasting as Alexandre Vallette and Jo Carillo, Marie Line Greffard and Misha, Christine Lacour and Anne Roulant, is harmonizing and making artworks dialogue in a rhythmic and musical hanging, where calm and accents alternate.

Thank you to all for your loyalty, those from far and near, coming from China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Slovakia, Switzerland, the USA...

President of the Synthèse-Emotion section

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