After having exhibited three times at the Salon d'Automne, you can apply for the title of Sociétariat by sending a file including an official letter addressed to the President, a CV, and about ten recent works. Your file will be presented to the members of the Board of Directors of the Salon d'Automne who will be able to vote on whether or not you should become a Sociétariat.

As a member of the Salon d'Automne, your work will be submitted to the jury at the time of the call for applications in the same way as all the applications for the exhibition. In fact, "[...] for the proper holding of the Salon and a good distribution and use of the spaces which may vary each year, all the works presented by the artists, whether they are members or exhibitors, are examined by the jury [...]"

Member benefits

  • participate in the approval of the moral report, the accounts and the vote of the members of the Board of Directors during the General Assembly.
  • bring ideas for the improvement of the Association.
  • exemption from registration fees.
  • preferential price on exhibition rights.
  • exhibit free of charge up to 2 small formats (1F) in addition to the main work.
  • participate in the annual contest to create the next year's poster.

Duties of members

  • the participation in the associative life of the exhibition by answering present to the convocation of the General Assembly.
  • the payment of an annual fee which contributes to the material life of the Association, the amount of which is fixed each year by the General Assembly.
Art. 3

Associate members are French or foreign artists approved by the Board of Directors, by a majority of voters. This approval automatically entails the adherence of the member-members to the [...] statutes and to any internal regulations. The member-members are, by reason of their activity, divided into the following sections: painting, sculpture, engraving, and book, drawing, architecture, photography, applied and decorative arts, as well as the virtual and performing arts...
The members of the Association contribute to the material life of the Association by the payment of an annual contribution, the amount of which is fixed each year by the General Assembly.

Art. 4

Membership in the Association is lost :
→ by resignation
→ by expulsion pronounced by the Board of Directors for non-payment of dues or for serious reasons [...].

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