Exhibition from 17 to 21 January 2024 → LA GRANDE HALLE DE LA VILLETTE PARIS 19th


General conditions of registration for the exhibition

Application deadline : friday 30 June 2023

Key information

1. Exhibition, hanging fees, and insertion in the catalogue

In order to validate his participation in the Salon d'Automne, the exhibitor must pay a registration fee and an exhibition fee.

The advertised rates may vary according to 4 criteria:
Age | Country of residence | Whether you are a member or not | Category in which your work fits.

Registration fees

or, if the artist resides abroad89.€
or, if member of the Salonoffered
or, if member resides abroad30.€

This amount will be acquired by the Association definitively to cover the costs of managing the files and organizing the jury.

Exhibition fees

or, if member of the Salon310.€
or, if Engraving or Artist's Books220.€
or, if under 40 years old200.€
or, if Engraving or Artist's Books AND member or under 40 years old180.€

This amount will cover the fees for the exhibition and communication costs.

Calculate the cost of your participation in the exhibition: specify the following 4 points.


What category does your work fall into?

  • Select
  • Architecture 420.€
  • Environnemental art, Design, Installation 420.€
  • Digital art, Video 420.€
  • Singular art 420.€
  • Drawing, Illustration, Comics, Manga 420.€
  • Engraving 220.€
  • Artists’ book 220.€
  • Painting 420.€
  • Water painting 420.€
  • Photography 420.€
  • Sculpture 420.€
  • Street art 420.€
registration fees0.€
exhibition fees0.€



Payment & Terms

You can pay in 4 different ways

You prefer to pay everything up front,
or you live outside France.

→ Online payment
→ Bank transfer

You prefer to postpone the exhibition fee,
and you live in France.

→ Cheques
→ Cash

Exhibition fees will only be collected in July.

If you pay by deferred payment (bank transfer, cheque, cash) you have 10 days to send us your payment.

In case of non-selection of the application by the selection jury, a transfer of the amount of the exhibition fees will be returned to the artists concerned.

Online payment

Select this method of payment in the electronic form, let yourself be guided and pay the full fee to validate your registration.

Bank transfer

You are requested to make a single payment for the registration and exhibition fees.
The bank details are sufficient for any transfer. (see below)

Please write your artist's name in the wording of the transfer, and enclose your bank details with the application form, for reimbursement in the event of a refusal.

Bank details of the Salon d’Automne
IBAN FR76 3006 6100 1500 0200 1680 162   BIC CMCIFRPP

Paypal transfer

You have a PayPal account. You can make your payment in a single transfer for the registration and exhibition fees.

With your PayPal app or on the web, send your payment to:

Remember to include your artist's name in the wording of the transfer.

paiement à envoyer à


You are asked to make out 2 separate cheques to the order of the Salon d'Automne:
→ 1 cheque for the registration fees.
→ 1 cheque for the exhibition fees.
The cheques should be sent to the Société du Salon d'Automne, or deposited at the secretariat against receipt.

The cheque for the exhibition fees will only be cashed in July.
In case of non-selection of the application by the selection jury, this check will be returned to the artists concerned.

Write the artist's name on the back of the cheque.
Only French cheques are accepted.


Payment in cash to be deposited at the secretariat of the Salon d'Automne against receipt.

2. Jury

The selection will be based on photographs of the submitted work. The jury reserves the right to select only one work in the sections where many works may be proposed. In case of refusal, the exhibition fees will be returned to you, (registration fees and bank charges are kept). The jury will be held within one month of the closing of the registration. The results will be communicated within 2 months following the jury. If the work is accepted, the visual submitted will be used for the exhibition catalog. Please make sure to provide a high definition and correctly framed visual.

3. Reproduction rights

Each artist agrees not to ask the Salon d'Automne for reproduction rights for the work reproduced in the catalog, on our website, or via any media dealing with the Salon d'Automne. However, for authors who are members of the Society of Authors in Graphic and Plastic Arts (ADAGP), the operating conditions provided for in the conventions concluded by the Salon d'Automne with the latter will apply.

4. Keyboarding of given data

The information contained in the application form will be held in our computer files. Name, address and phone number will be reproduced in the catalogue (except specific request from your own) and possibly on our web site, in accordance with the French laws.

You may access your data, rectify it, request its deletion or exercise your right to limit the processing of your data. You may withdraw your consent to the processing of your data at any time. To exercise these rights or if you have any questions about the processing of your data in this system, you can contact us if necessary. If, after having contacted us, you feel that your «Data Protection» rights have not been respected, you may submit a complaint to the CNIL.

5. Communication

The communication of the exhibition is ensured by the Salon d'Automne before the event. Each artist entering through the limited and privileged community of the Salon d'Automne commits them self to mention the Salon d'Automne in their own communication on social networks, for the events concerning it directly, in particular in case of invitation or selection to exhibit at events in the province or abroad organized in collaboration with the Salon d'Automne.

6. Insurance

The association of the Salon d’Automne and its service providers are not responsible of the works submitted and exposed, and disclaim any responsibility in relation to theft, fire, damage, etc... We strongly recommend artists to take a personal insurance, from the day of deposit to the withdrawal. The artist and his insurer waive any recourse against the Association du Salon d’Automne and its service providers.

7. Catalogue

Each selected artist, will receive a 2023 catalogue, during the exhibition. Any further catalogue must be payed.

8. Identification of the works

Please, Include on the back of your work : artist’s name, title and match marks (up, down).

9. Transport

Transport and handling of artworks are the exclusive responsibility of the artists or their carrier. The work must be unpacked, re-packaged and handled by you or your carrier. No packaging may be stored on-site.

10. Exhibition

Only the work (or works) presented to the 2023 board, accepted, and printed in the catalogue, may being exhibited. Any other work will be refused. We remind you that, in the exhibition space, any presence of business cards or personal catalogues with the works will not be accepted. No presence of exhibitors will be allowed during the hanging of work without prior agreement with the operational team.

11. Acquisitions

An information service will inform visitors. In the event of the sale of an artwork, it is customary that the artist, thanks to their exhibition during the Salon d’Automne, becomes a donor to the organization in order to maintain its voluntary mission of promoting art and artists. A donation of 15% of the price of the work to the Association du Salon d’Automne is strongly ordered. A tax deductible receipt up to 66% will be sent in return. We ask you to take this into account while developing your price. The Salon d’Automne thanks you for your understanding and your support.

12. Withdrawal

After the end of the period for withdrawal, at the end of the exhibition, which will be communicated later, works will be taken by the ‘Société Nouvelle Morard’ storehouse, which will charge the artist for the costs of guard and transport of their artwork. The Association declines any responsibility.

13. Cancellation

In case of force majeure, the organizer will immediately notify the exhibitors. In such a case, there will be no refund or allowance for damages. Considered as cases of force majeure, the events having this qualification admitted by the jurisprudence as well as, and whatever their cause, are events making it impossible to exploit the site (flood, explosion, fire, decision by an administrative authority of the closure of the site, storm, lightning, ...).

Regulations concerning
the characteristics of the works exhibited

Hanging space

The exhibition rights grant the artist up to 2 linear meters of hanging space.
If the work exceeds 2 meters, a supplement will be requested:

for a work between 200 and 250 cm105.€
between 250 and 300 cm210.€
beyond 300 cm420.€

1 work Painting

Oil, acrylic...

Nails or staples not visible. if the edges of the canvas are unpainted: ribbon hiding nails. Frames are banned.
A hanging system is mandatory, solid and not apparent. Identification and orientation on the back of the work: name, first name. title and matched marks (up and down). The polyptychs will have to be solidarized by cleats screwed by the artist.

maximum 2 x 2 meters.

1 work or 1 set Environnemental art, Design, Installation

Specify on the form the materials used : stained glass, tapestry, mosaic, furniture... Hanging system required. If necessary, the showcase and the electrical installation are the responsibility of the artist. Provide an installation plan. Specify if a power supply is required.

width 2 meters maximum.

1 work or 1 series Photography

Black or White frames only, maximum 4 cm. No elaborate frames. Glass is forbidden. Plexiglas is acceptable. Laminate prints under marie-louise. For any series, there is a maximum of four photographs. Printing must be of professional quality.

Specify any elements of identification and orientation on the back of all presented work. Propose a recent work, not previously presented in another salon in the same year. Specify the technique (film, digital, mixed), the edition number, and the overall dimension (frame included).

2 linear meters maximum, and works ready to hang. Aluminium frame on the back of the dibon, frame or American case.

1 book Artists' book

Detailed description : title, dimensions, writer, techniques used for printing and illustration.

The exhibition standard is 1 book per artist. Nevertheless, for open book formats with a width of less than 30 cm, two books may be accepted. For works on the wall, only engravings under passe-partout (with hanging system), without frame or glass will be accepted. In any case, the surface given to each artist will be balanced according to the number of exhibitors and works.

1 to 3 works Engraving

All techniques of engraving.

Framed under quality Plexiglas with sober stick.
Hanging system mandatory and reliable.

1 to 6 coherent engravings.
2 linear meters maximum.

1 work Sculpture

Indicate the 3 dimensions and the weight of the work.

The work will imperatively be accompanied by a white base, clean, rectangular and adapted to the work and the floor (cardboard prohibited), with the name of the artist inscribed inside the base. The base will have a ground base of 40 x 40 cm minimum for works not exceeding 50 kg. The bases of works whose weight is between 50 and 300 kg will have a distribution plate adapted to the floor (resistance of 300 kg / m2). The Salon does not have bases.

The handling of heavy parts will be done by the artist, who will provide the appropriate systems. The artist will have to guarantee a good stability of his work. A device (aesthetic) to avoid any theft will be set up by the artist. If these conditions are not met, the work may not be exhibited.

1 work Digital art, Video

Detailed description, techniques used... Send descriptive file or video.

Send a DVD of the video and a description. The presentation screen of the work must measure between 61 and 117 cm diagonally. The screen should be aesthetic and placed on a black support with a height of 80cm minimum. Headphones must be provided with the screen and the support. The video will be played by USB key connected to the screen.

2 linear meters maximum and hanging system required and reliable.

1 or more projects Architecture

Plans and photos on rigid panels, video screens, models.

2 linear meters maximum and hanging system required and reliable.

1 work Singular art

Paintings, wall works of all kinds (relief paintings, recycled art, sculptures, textiles, etc.), sculptures on a stand or pedestal (pedestal to be provided, see sculpture section), various materials and techniques, to be specified on the form.
If framed, Plexiglas only (no glass).

2 linear meters maximum and hanging system required and reliable.

1 or 2 works Water painting, Drawing, Illustration, Comics, Manga

Waterpainting : Watercolor, gouache, vinyle...
Drawing : Pencil, charcoal, Indian ink, graphite, felt...

Sober framing - under quality Plexiglas only (glass forbidden) with sober stick, or without glass.
Hanging system mandatory, easy and reliable.

2 x 2 meters maximum for 1 or 2 works of the same format and thematic coherence.

2 ways to complete and send us your application

Online registration

Go to the online application form, to be completed from your computer. If you are missing information, it is possible to save the form and complete it later.

In addition to the information to be filled in, you will be asked for a number of mandatory attachments in the form:

  • 1

    A text file with the artist's CV.

  • 2

    A text describing the approach of the work or works presented.

  • 3

    The photo for the selection jury and the catalogue. Please provide a high definition and correctly framed visual, in the form of an image file (tiff / jpg / png format), with a resolution of 300 dpi, and a size between 2 and 40Mb. If the size of your file is greater than 40Mb, please send it by wetransfer or any other similar service.

  • 4

    Proof of age if under 40 (scan of your identity card).

  • 5

    A photograph of the artist. (not compulsory but appreciated!)

Several payment methods are available: directly online with your registration, or offline, by bank transfer, cheque or cash.
Please refer to the payment methods above.

If you choose a deferred payment method:

→ bank transfer
please mention the artist's name in the transfer. You must order the transfer with your bank within 10 days after your registration, the form is not allowed to make a direct debit from your account.

→ cheques
remember to date and sign your cheques and write your name on the back if different from the name on the cheque. Only artists residing in France can pay by cheque.

Documents sent by post (cheques and, if applicable, photos that you have not been able to download) must be placed in an envelope with sufficient postage, addressed to the Salon d'Automne.

Registration by postal mail

Download the application form in pdf format. You can print this document and fill it in by hand, but you can also fill it in from your computer and print it out.

The following documents must be included in the application file and returned to us by post.

  • 1

    Application paper form, filled in and signed.

  • 2

    Documents that will be used by the selection board, and if selected, to elaborate the catalogue. Please provide :

    → Paper photos 10 x 15 cm of the (recent) artwork that you wish to expose to the Salon d’Automne

    → A USB drive with your name on it and a picture of the work that you expect to expose to the Salon d’Automne. Please provide a high definition and correctly framed visual, in the form of an image file (tiff / jpg / png format), with a resolution of 300 dpi, and a size between 2 and 40Mb.

    → Each document must show : surname, name, title of the work, technique, year. Show also top and bottom of the work. Please ensure the quality of the documents. Poor quality documents will not be accepted.

  • 3

    If payment by cheque of the fees relating to your application:
    → 1 cheque for the registration fee.
    → 1 cheque for the exhibition fee.
    Do not forget to date and sign the 2 cheques requested.
    Remember to write your name on the back if different from the name on the cheque.

  • 4

    A 50 g stamped addressed C5 envelope, for persons living in France.

The set must be put into an envelope sufficiently stamped and addressed to the Salon d'Automne.

Bank details of the Salon d’Automne
Crédit Industriel et Commercial
13, avenue Kleber
75116 Paris
IBAN FR76 3006 6100 1500 0200 1680 162
Cheques should be made payable to Salon d'Automne
Société du Salon d'Automne
48, rue de Berri
75008 PARIS, France

The complete application form shall be sent to the secretariat of the Salon d’Automne before friday 30 June 2023.

Any incomplete or illegible application will not be considered and will be returned.

For further information:
01 43 59 46 07 ou

vide !