Next edition


Next edition

Call for applications

Artists willing to take part in the next edition of the Salon can submit an online or paper registration form.

Applications are linked to the various sections of the Salon which themselves correspond to the main disciplines: Engraving, Sculpture, Singular art, Drawing, Photography, Digital Art, Video, Architecture, Environmental Art, Artists' books and of course Painting (this latter section itself is divided into thematic sub-sections).

Online registration

Make it easy for yourself and us by registering online! Online registration means less admin, no more data error (you enter your own name and the title of your work), video-projection of your work at the time of the selection by the jury…

Last year, you were close to 70% to choose online registration. We hope to come even closer to 100% this year.

Before filling out the online registration form, we do recommend you take a good look at the Regulations.

Advantages of the online form

Automatic fee calculation
By registering online, the total amount of your fees (registration, hanging) are calculated depending on your "profile" (chosen section, country of residence, age…).

Bilingual French/English Form
It is very easy to switch from the French to the English form by selecting the language at the top right hand corner of the form.

Confirmation email
Once your registration submitted, you will receive an email confirming all the details of your applications.

traditional registration

Please read the 2024 Regulations.

Download, print, fill out and sign the paper form and please send it back to us by post together with all the required documents.

In case you do not have access to a printer, please send us a hard copy request together with a stamped envelope labelled with your address. We will send you back the hard copy of the registration form together with the Terms and Conditions.

Paying your fees

Please do not forget to send us your registration fee, either by cheque (payable to the Salon d'Automne), bank transfer or by bringing us cash.

Need help ?

Don't hesitate to contact us.
The office of the Salon d'Automne is here to help you.
You can reach us…

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