Exhibition of Sophie Bourgenot

/Exhibition of Sophie Bourgenot/

Exhibition of Sophie Bourgenot


From the 5th until the 18th of November 2018, the president of the drawing department, Sophie Bourgenot will exhibit her sketches at the Maître Albert Gallery in the 5th district of [...]

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Franquin on Salon d’Automne’s poster


This year, Salon d'Automne receives with great privilege Franquin, its guest of honor, thanks to his daughter Isabelle. An opportunity to use one of his famous drawings from his comic "Dark [...]

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François Cheng, a bond between East and West


This year, it is with great privilege that François Cheng sponsors Salon d’Automne. He is a member of the French Academy, well-known for his poems, novels, essays, writings about chinese art, [...]

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When Franquin has Dark Thoughts…


Thanks to his daughter Isabelle Franquin, it is a great honor that Salon d'Automne will exhibit some original drawings from Franquin's comics Dark Toughts (Les Idées Noires), its guest of honor of [...]

When Franquin has Dark Thoughts…2018-08-01T12:45:38+00:00
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