Environnemental art


Environnemental art

The art critic, Germano Celant, wrote about the space between the work and the context, as a mutual exchange: « Art creates an environmental space, and from the Environment Art is born ». The artist is in direct dialogue with the environment. This necessary adhesion is a kind of breathing, where the artistic architectures are in constant communication...
Through his practice the artist takes materials, appropriates them, diverts them, changes our perception, to better redirect it. Destruction, reconstruction, the work progresses, emerges, mutates in a temporal space. Artist’s work therefore settles in symbiosis with volumes and architecture. In perpetual movement, the artist leads us on unchartered tracks, on the path of dreams, to let go in order to re-create.
Any act, any material, support, space, magnify the work and talent of the artist.

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