Myths and singularity


Myths & singularity, for its 7th consecutive year, still presents its less standard, less academic artistic universe, where instinctive sincerity expresses itself through non-conventional techniques and materials. As Dubuffet said, “Every artist has the task to develop their techniques”. This quote is well illustrated in this space of singular art: murals with sewn or welded metal pieces, sculpted fabrics, wicker, rope knots, vines, various collages, but also sculptures of assembled objects or wood-weaving, kinetic ceramics, or reusing fish bowels... And of course, a festival of painting and colour techniques...

Most of the artworks, coming from all over the world, use invented and original techniques, far from academic norms. Unique and unusual artworks for personal myths, that will “wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life” (Picasso).

President of the Myths et Singularity section

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