The “Salon d’Automne” is an international modern art exhibition since 1903. A great number of French and international artists can meet and open up to the world: Japon, Africa, Middle East... The latest edition in 2022 took place in a historical monument : the Grande Halle de la Villette.
We are happy and proud to present the project “Amplitude” which takes us into a world of beauty, traditions and avant-gardism. Selected French artists from the Salon d’Automne are happy to connect with German and Polish artists and we hope that other countries and cultures will join us.
In the name of our president, Gilles Guillaume, and all the artists, I warmly thank Professor Damian Pietrek for his invitation and for the work he did for us, so we could be all together in that beautiful museum in the town of Jaworzno, in Poland.

I also thank Georg Schnitlzer, co-president of BBK Bonn,
for the organisation of the exhibitions in Germany, Siegburg, Kohln, Bonn, and our last exhibition in Paris with the Salon d’Automne 2022.


Head of the « Expressionnisme-Expression libre » group

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