Art naïf


After a remarkable premiere last year, the Naive Art section continues its journey with as much innocent freshness as gentle gravity.
This year, some thirty works painted or embroidered by French, Serbian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Swedish or Danish artists occupy the walls. They capture our nostalgia, our present, and speak to us in a universal language about the lives of women and men in their simple daily lives. They defend an animal world, a nature in danger. Borrowing from the imagery of childhood, they also make it possible to say the unspeakable or to reveal what we cannot see.

You have to look closely at these creations to see, in their sometimes tiny composition, the sequences of a film whose scenario refers to events that took place in the conscious or unconscious life of each artist.
May these messages of hope, peace and freedom carried by all these works, necessarily sublime, influence and reason our warlike world.

President of the Naive Art section

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