Figurative art is the representation of what is observable in reality, may it be a portrait, an urban or natural landscape or a still life. However, it doesn’t constrain art to an imitation of reality.
On the contrary, artists always explore further to express their own perception of reality, introducing their lived experience in their artworks and trying to transmit, more than a simple visual stimuli, a whole range of sensations, sounds, tastes and smells.

By the observation and perception of reality, the figurative artiste can submit this subjectivity to reality, shaping thereby a new world –a revolt reconstituting a unique and intimate representation of a perception in a chaotic world. The painter Li Rihua (XVIth century) said about Huang Gongwang: “It is because of this immersion in the landscape that his art of the brush possesses such a power of magic and metamorphosis, power that makes him rival with Creation itself.”

Translated by Gabriel Barnagaud

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