“Sculptor”? If you search for this word in the dictionary, you will find as definition “Person who practices the Art of sculpture as a discipline of Fine Arts, in leisure activity or as a profession”.

It reflects the material part only. A sculptor translates our deepest intimacy. They show us their transcription of the world and nature that surround us.

This year we have the honor to receive sculptures of the animal sculptor François Pompon, who are lent by the museum of Saulieu.

In our time, when the planet has lost 70% of its animal species (according to WWF), animal sculptors aware of this loss have mobilized. This year, they represent a third of the exhibited sculptures that testify to the beauty of the wild world and the emotion aroused.

Abstracts and constructivists are also present. The harmonization with the paintings constitutes a homogeneous whole of the art of the 21st century.

Head of « Sculpture » Section

Translated by Adélie Arridiaux

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