24th Art Actuel Exhibition France-Japan

The Salon d'Automne is very honoured and proud to be presenting the works of 69 artists from the Salon d'Automne alongside 251 Japanese artists chosen by the CAEA for this 24th France-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition, bringing together a total of more than 500 works. This exhibition bears witness to the richness and diversity of the artistic creation of our respective artists.

More than ever, the Salon d'Automne continues its commitment to artistic creation, presenting contemporary works that bear witness to the vitality of French and international art. The long-standing partnership with the CAEA is undeniable proof of this.

The 340 artists invited by our friends at the CAEA to take part in the exhibition at Tokyo's National Art Center come from a wide range of artistic backgrounds and practices, from painting and sculpture to photography, printmaking and architecture. They represent the diversity of contemporary artistic expression and the richness of current creation in both France and Japan.

We hope that this exhibition will be an opportunity for visitors to discover a broad cross-section of our artists' contemporary art and to forge cultural links between France and Japan.

We are very grateful to the CAEA and in particular to Mr Bumpei MAGORI, its president, and his entire dedicated team, whom I would like to congratulate and thank on behalf of the Salon d'Automne committee for organising this 24th edition, which will be held at Tokyo's prestigious National Art Center from 10 to 20 August 2023.

We wish all the artists gathered for this occasion great success with the visitors, of whom we are sure there will be many.

President of Salon d'Automne

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