Domino Full Action—the invited group of the Salon d’Automne 2021

Specialized in technological and artistic innovations “phygital”, the group DFA founded by Jérôme Dorise-Abdeljalil aka Hakk Doris, immerse us into the center of the digital arts and new technology for spectacular experimental and multi-sensory immersions specially designed by some well-known creators such as The Shaders, Jean-Marie Villame, Jonathan Masterson, Yann Champelovier, Artatak, or Harry Boeki, Morad Charbi and Mel.

Let’s not forget the holographic Jukebox experience of more than thirty great artists of French electronic music: from Dan Ghenacia, Jeff K to Dj Wi! d, WARRIO including Sam Karlson, Djebali, Karl Jefferson, and D’Julz.