Exhibition The Scandal of the Cubist House

Discover the exhibition The Scandal of the Cubist House - André Mare and the Salon d'Automne 1912 -
From July 5th to December 4th 2022,
Fernand Léger - André Mare Museum
6, rue de l'Hôtel de ville - 61200 Argentan

Scandal at the Salon d'Automne 1912!
André Mare: his name is known as one of the great decorators at the origin of the Art Deco style. It is as decorator that he made known in 1911 to the living room of Autumn or with his friends Roger De la Fresnaye, Desvallières, Duchamp-Villon, Marinot, Marie Laurencin and Georges Rouault, they had exposed a cabinet of work and a dining room of which he had imagined all the pieces of furniture and their arrangement. He caused a real scandal at the 1912 exhibition, where with the same team as the previous year he designed and built the "Cubist House" or "Maison Maresque". Behind a facade designed by Duchamp-Villon, of both cubist and classical inspiration, we can see a complete set of furniture, dishes, paintings ... In spite of a living room and a bedroom of bourgeois atmosphere, the option is clearly cubist. The painters present are La Fresnaye, Fernand Léger, Jean Metzinger, Albert Gleizes and. Marcel Duchamp. They are set on fire: "André Mare, should you treat me as a fireman as these sacred little cubist smokers do with grace, for whom you have guilty weaknesses, I assure you that you are mistaken. "Louis Vauxcelles writes.
The scandal is good: the most chic circles of the capital seek him, orders are pouring in ... Paul Poiret, Robert de Rothschild, Georges Duhamel ...
A new style is born in France: the Art Deco style!

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