Le mot du président

Dear Members,
Dear Artists,

We will celebrate the 120th anniversary of our artists' society from January 17 to 21, 2024 at the Grande Halle of LA VILLETTE, where we expect more than 1,000 talented artists and more than 30,000 visitors for this exceptional edition.
We have decided unanimously by the Board of Directors to perpetuate this prestigious venue for our future editions.

Moreover, and always with the aim of opening our platform to more young creators of all disciplines, the jury will select five applications from artists under 25 years old to whom the hanging rights will be offered by our company. Indeed, it seems to us essential that the Salon d'Automne gives itself the means to address, in an efficient way, the younger generations of the public and the artists.

This 120th edition will be a great moment for our beautiful and always dynamic association, born in 1903 in reaction to an ambient conformism which opposed, at the time, the new pictorial currents.
The Salon d'Automne, which at its very beginning had given itself the mission of defending the art of the Impressionists, was the cradle of Fauvism from 1905. It was also the birthplace of all the modern trends of the 20th century, such as cubism, surrealism, abstraction and the new figuration, among others.
It was a group of friends united around Matisse, headed by the architect Frantz Jourdain, who imagined a new salon created by artists for artists.
The ethos of the Salon d'Automne is based on the idea that there is no major art opposed to minor art. All forms of art are welcomed equally. This is how, since the first half of the 20th century, photography and cinematography in particular have been elevated to the rank of art in their own right, on a par with other media. This new vision allowed the Salon d'Automne to bring out countless new talents recognized today by the entire art world.
We owe it to ourselves to keep this spirit of avant-garde and creativity that characterizes our Salon.
Recognized as a public utility in 1920, our association has been supported by the Ministère de la Culture since then, especially during the last edition, which had to change venue at the last moment.

Our future action, always centered on our fundamental goals expressed in the statutes of our non-profit association, is in line with the duration:

  • To promote the Arts in France and in the world with all the means that we put in place,
  • To develop the image, the notoriety and the reputation of the Salon d'Automne and its members, by making known their works to an ever increasing public thanks to our work to increase our visibility,
  • To convince new artists of high level, even unknown, to come and join us and to facilitate the membership of the Salon d'Automne to young talents,
  • Find the financial means to allow us to develop our projects and stabilize our future,

These ambitious objectives, set by our peers, are still in force and mark the identity and the determination of our society of artists. The members of the Salon d'Automne must be convinced that they belong to a fraternal community, a family open to the world, apolitical and multidisciplinary, ready to invest in new and exciting projects. Nevertheless, an association like ours does not exist without the commitment of each one to make it known and recognized near the artists and the amateurs of art in the broad and noble sense of the term. We count on all the forces which constitute it to help it to continue this beautiful adventure for a long time to come.

Architecte – artiste photographe
Président du Salon d’Automne

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