Salon d'Automne 2022

They are honored: Fabienne Thibeault and Antoine Duc

It is with great enthusiasm that the Salon d'Automne welcomes this year an exceptional patron: Fabienne Thibeault, the Franco-Quebec singer-songwriter.

Without a doubt, Fabienne Thibeault is the one who has most strikingly embodied the role of Marie-Jeanne, the "Waitress Automaton" of Starmania, the rock opera by Luc Plamondon and Michel Berger. Her versions of Monde est stone, Les uns contre les autres, Un garçon pas comme les autres, are still present on the airwaves and in all memories. We also know other hits of Fabienne, J'irai jamais sur ton Island,
Question de feeling, a duet with Richard Cocciante.

The career of this Montrealer, daughter of a bricklayer and granddaughter of farmers, is worth a closer look. A graduate of the University of Montreal in education, Fabienne Thibeault was quickly revealed thanks to her delicate yet powerful voice, which was recorded on three first albums. In 1978 and 79, the success of Starmania brought her great popularity on stage. From then on, the singer recorded a series of albums and performed regularly on stage; her voice can be heard in the credits of films and TV series. She became one of the residents of the Grosses Têtes with Philippe Bouvard. After more than 15 years of hard work
After more than 15 years of hard work, this Frenchwoman of adoption decides to give an even more personal meaning to her career. She chose to devote herself to the transmission and valorization of heritage, to the history of the French regions through music and field action. With determination and passion, Fabienne set out to save endangered agricultural breeds. Her numerous actions have earned her the distinction of being the only singer and rare woman to be awarded the rank of Commandeur du Mérite Agricole. In 2009/2010, she is one of the headliners of the tour Age tendre et tête de bois. She is concerned with popular education by creating workshops for the creation of shows open to all, in partnership with local communities. She continues to bring Starmania to life on stage, a heritage of popular
She continues to bring Starmania to life on stage, a heritage of popular culture, with her own troupe and in 2019 will publish Mon Starmania, a personal account of the genesis of the cult work.

Fabienne Thibeault cultivates her art with care and enthusiasm. Knight of the Legion of Honor, Knight of Arts and Letters, Knight of the Pleiade (Order of the Francophonie) and Honorary Tie of the Society for the Encouragement of Good (recognized as being of public utility), she is tireless and committed, and is teeming with projects. With the composer Richard Bonnot, she developed Princesse Loire au Pays des 6 Rivières*, a historical-fantasy musical tale in homage to the
a historical-fantasy musical tale in homage to the Loire Valley. She created an inclusive fashion line for Femmes Rondes, in collaboration with the painter Yves Decaudan and the stylist Edmond Boublil. Fabienne Thibeault, a singer like no other.
Benjamin Husson

Alongside her, Antoine Duc, a surrealist painter who amazes with his visionary imagination, has been chosen as guest of honor. This 2022 edition will be a unique opportunity to rediscover the work of this extraordinary artist through a retrospective of his most outstanding works.

Born in 1932, Antoine Duc amazes with his palette and his implausibility. "Iron glove wrapped in pink velvet [...] everything has been written about him. [...] Falsely lost in the middle of the forests of symbols that he has created, where his hybrid creatures live under house arrest, half day half night, half sun half moon, where intriguing things rustle in the silence below. [With a detached gesture he finishes the rounding of a woman's shoulder, that of a breast. He adds a red to the horn of his Beelzebub, a green of water to his serpent of the lost paradise and a pink to the cheek of his Aphrodite". The retrospective of his works will give you a better idea of what the words are trying to sketch.
Michel Dankner, President of Emergences section

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