Horizon Paris 8e Art


For this edition, a first for our artist collective Horizon Paris 8e Art, we would like to warmly thank Mr. Denis Legrand and the entirety of the Salon d’Automne committee for having validated the candidature of our artists, in order for them to exhibit their art during this prestigious event. It is a great honour for our collective to be partners in this 2022 edition.

Horizon Paris 8e Art is an art collective based in the 8th arrondissement of Paris since 2021, regrouping talented and original contemporary artists. Our activities are characterized in these various points hereinafter: organizing exhibits of our members’ artwork, our activity as an online art gallery and the organisation of artistic workshops (schools, companies, ESAT etc.). Our member artists are rigorously selected during our selection committee that examines candidatures thoroughly.

The objective of Horizon Paris 8e Art is to promote the artworks of its emerging and confirmed artists, but also to find new talents. Being conscious of environmental issues that we are facing, we reinforce relentlessly our engagement in terms of using ecological material. We are also committed to inclusivity and the promotion of art for a larger public.
We wish for the different visitors and guests a beautiful discovery of our artists through these four days at the Salon d’Automne.

President and founder
Artistic director
Artist - Painter - Illustrator
Translated by Gabriel Barnagaud

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