Environnemental art


While our hopes to see the 2020 Autumn Exhibition were receding after a strange year, we still thought, last October, that we could express
our freedom of speech, our hopes! The 2022 Autumn Exhibition in Paris, a variety of modes of expression, talented artists and yet the art binding men is roughly treated.
Art as a refuge for freedom, art without boundaries, the doves by Georges Braque, by Henri Matisse, Guernica by Pablo Picasso could have escaped from history books and could have meant in our subconcious: ”plus jamais ça, bien sûr”, a common phrase.
How can we imagine history coming round again and again?
How can we be creative in a place where yellow and blue are forbidden? I now re-write or paraphrase my text.

The 2022 Autumn Exhibition in Paris,
an attractive exhibition by talented artists, an Environmental Art Department right in the middle of nature that experiment, explore, enlighten, manipulate using all techniques, all emotions which inspire us towards divers paths such as landart, renewable art, performances, installations, sculptures or the design of craft work.
The 2022 Autumn Exhibition in Paris, a place to meet others, a place to pass through, a place to confront and exchange ideas which is an absolute necessity for artists and enthousiasts. A fusion of creative energy.

Head of the ENVIRONMENTAL ART section

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