In the same way that the Salon d’Automne imposes itself as a promoter of multidisciplinarity in arts, the photo section – for the first time directed by Anne Roulant and Gilles Guillaume (Anne & Gilles)– offers for this 119th edition multiple artistic approaches: 58 artists will present their recent artworks. The great diversity of techniques and artistic tendencies are the wealth of this section: digital photography is overtaking in quantity, whilst analogue affirms itself with some major pieces.

Coloured or black and white, landscapes or portraits, close-ups or aerial views, on the spot or composed, instantaneous or staged, fixed or in movement, graphic or plastic, every proposition has its place in this section. Artworks of loyal members, like Guy Foulon, (present at the Salon d’Automne for twenty years) coexist with those of artists new to the Salon, some of which are under 30 years of age.

Photography, in its multiple representations, allows realism, abstraction, surrealism, and oneirism... and thus affirms itself in a perpetual movement, always a poetic witness of its time.

Présidents of the Photography section

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